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An average day at Oakfield Playgroup

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
At Oakfield Playgroup... no day is quite Average!

Staffs are punctual and well organised. Children arrive at 9.00am or 12.30 depending what session they are attending, children will see name cards in the front entrance on the table (going home pictures, at the end of the session) to recognise and pick up their names from a selection of name cards. 

As they come in, the assigned staff members will take their name and welcome them by name, other staff members help children in hang up their coat etc.

The children discuss various things for example the weather, seasons and events with a play leader. This is mandatory to use the visual time table at welcoming time; we always displayed them on the radiators.

Children are able to choose activities for example, sandpit or water tray, home corner, book corner, dressing up, physical activity such as the climbing frame and to learn through play activities like picture dominoes or shapes/colour matching etc.

Snack time (rolling snack) approximately 10.30/1.30 the children sit down for refreshments such as milk or water, fresh fruits, biscuit and raisins, butter sandwiches. (We take careful note of any special dietary requirements and check the allergies). 

To organise the routine, staff need to follow the rota.

We have a set time for the garden (11:00/14:00 to 11:300/14:30). Daily risk assessments are carried out for the garden.

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