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News & Events

COVID-19 Prep!


We have prepared extensively for COVID-19 according to Government regulations! We have made Oakfield a safe and relaxed learning environment, and have kept it a fun place to learn for the children!

COVID also helps us teach children about hygiene and disease prevention! We even have socially distanced seating area for parents to sit and help their kids get settled in.

Online Summer school!


Over the lockdown, we ran a free online Zoom class every week! This kept the children's learning continuing, and that they could socialise a little with other people, and give their parents a little break! We had lots of themes, celebrations and learning objectives and kept the children engaged and having fun the whole time!

Zoom Call.jpg

Trip to Brighton!


We went on a trip to Brighton to the coast to play in the rollercoasters in the theme park, have ice cream on the coast and learn about the seaside!


Trip to Brighton.jpg

Firestation Visit


Recently we visited the fire station with children and parents so that the children could learn more about the firefighters there and get to play around with some of the activities available.


Mothers day Party


In order to celebrate mothers day, we had a party with all the preschool members, with lots of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. It was a fun-filled day!

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