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Our Staff

We have a team of 6 highly qualified and enthusiastic staff members, devoted to their job.
Deepika Verma

Deepika is managing the team of six members of staff and responsible for day to day running of the playgroup. She never sits down and always has smile on her face.

Deepika is trained in Leadership and Management and has only work for Oakfield Playgroup since she qualified as a child care professional.



Charu Joshi

She has a early years degree in childcare. She is the deputy manager of playgroup and in charge of delivering, monitoring and evaluating weekly and termly planning. She is the child protection officer, and manages the staff on a daily basis. She is very popular among the children, and very professional in her way of working. She is a calm and talented member.

Jyotsna Singh

She is the CL co-ordinator and responsible for managing equipment and resources. She always gives her 100%, and never seen resting. Jyotsna is also very popular with the children and the parents.

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