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About Us

The playgroup believes that all children, whatever the gender, availability, ethnicity, religion, family circumstances or social class are entitled to equal consideration.  We discourage all discriminatory practise, attitudes and behaviour.  The playgroup aims to celebrate all cultural and religious festivals throughout the year by introducing them through stories, parties, songs, dance and art.


We follow the Early Year Foundation Stage guidelines, which sets the standard for learning and development of children up to five years old. We concentrate on 7 areas of learning which are:


-Communication and language

-Physical Development

-Personal, Social and emotional development



-Understanding of world

-Expressive art and design          "


All children in our care have their progress reviewed every term, by our experienced child care practisioner.


Our well qualified and enthusiastic staff hope to see you here soon!


-Deepika Verma, Manager at Oakfield Playgroup



Upcoming Events:
Healthy Eating Day - 29.01.2016

The following event is a healthy eating workshop for parents and carers, to inform them on dietry requirements and feeding techniques for their children to keep them healthy and nourished. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important, especially for children but sometimes they are fussy eaters- so in order to overcome this, we have organised this workshop.

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